Recreational Mining Equipment:

In line with the previous post here are the links I referred to. This company is a top notch source to a complete line of recreational mining equipment and accessories. The company I am referring to is The Gold Trading Post it is a totally online company.

Selection Offered:

I have personally ordered from them on several occasions and I will say that their prices are quite reasonable and their service is first rate. Also they send monthly updates on all the new goodies that have come on the market. Their selection is outstanding from how to books,gold pans, and all kinds of mining equipment and metal detectors.

Personnel Recommendation For Start up Equipment:

A very good product to look at for both testing a site and mining same is the Gold Cube. I bought one and it is fantastic. I have the one with the high banker attachment their is now a complete line of these to choose from. The gold on Oregon beaches is ultra fine flour gold and the cube grabbed it like crazy. So enough said for additional information click here

For additional supplies click here.





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