Northern California lost Spanish Gold

I decided to change things around a bit at present a story of lost Gold and Silver in California. This is an account of lost Spanish gold that is more than likely still there.

There is actually a lot of lost gold and treasure in California:

This event occurred between 450 and 500 years ago. The 1500,s brought in a new beginning to California when the Spanish formally discovered it in 1542. Up until that time California was populated only by several Indian tribes. At first there were only a few settlements and missions established. Before long this began to change as the Spanish thrust for gold and riches was at its beak. In the early 1600,s the Spanish began exploring along the entire coast and inland in what is now the bay area.

During this time is where our tale begins. According to the legends of the Paiute tribe a group of these explores raider an Indian village along the cost and started inland with approximately 175 slaves. Either on advanced information or by chance they headed to what is termed today as the northern end of the California gold belt. They set up on one of the many creeks in the area and began prospecting for gold and silver They eventually established both under ground and placer workings. It is not known how long they were in this area: but from indications it was several years.

At some point it was decided to shut down operation and return to civilization. Winter that year was coming early around the end of September, so they began hurrying to load up their mules with their gold and silver and leave. Rather than bothering with their remaining salves they drove them into the underground mines and collapsed them thus removing the problem They found that they could not carry out all of their treasures so they buried all the rest at the mining location with the intent of returning at a later date to retrieve it. This was another reason for disposing of the slaves the way they did.

So they set out for what is now known as Honey lake not realizing that the Maidu and Paiute tribes had lived there for centuries. Upon coming close to the lake, they were set upon and captured by the Paiutes. Having at that time little if any contact with the white man; rather than killing them they adopted them into the tribe and never allowed them to leave. It is unknown what happened to the gold and silver they were carrying it may still be lying around somewhere near the lake. So now we have two possibilities here if the location of where they mined could be discovered there should be a large amount of treasure buried somewhere in the vicinity. There of course is always Honey Lake. Today it is mostly if not entirely dry.

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