Metal Detectors for the Serious and Advanced Detective:

Previously I discussed detector suited for kids and beginners. Now I want to get into the more advanced detectors. A bit later I will make some suggestions on the different makes and models available for what ever type of detecting one is interested in.

Keeping in line with the fore mention theme:

Of course the more advanced the machine for the most part the higher the cost as you might expect. As I have said before I don’t really want to get into prices as they are subject to change due to sales and so forth. I will say however that these machines will generally run in the neighborhood of between $550. And $1500. Or more; you get what you pay for. At the risk of repeating myself I still say stick with the major brands and you won’t go wrong. When making a choice of a detector keep in mine that it is a good idea to have both a large and a small search coil. The reason being that although the larger coils go deeper and cover more ground and are great for relic and treasure hunting; they can be a problem in trashy and cluttered areas. Where the smaller coils are designed for this type of searching. Do keep in mind that in all phases of interest is to find those of like minds. In other words check out local detecting clubs go to a meeting or two and get to know the members go on an outing or two before joining. To get a good idea of how a club is run check out Reno NV. Metal Detecting and Prospecting Club. That is the name of their website. I Was a former member before leaving Reno and they have it together.

Detectors for the Advanced Beginner and Intermediate:

Now here I will make some suggestion of different motels to look at. I will point out that most of these detectors have a dual-purpose in life so check out the material on them closely. The first ones are: Fisher Gold Bug Pro., Tesoro VA Guero,Tesoro Lobo Super Track, Garrett AT Gold, Fisher Gold Bug 2, and Minelab Monster 1000. So here is what I was talking about these are multi use machines. There are of course other machines out there it is up to you to make the choice.

Detectors for the Super Doper Advanced or Expert:

In this section I will list some of the better known machines used for coin shooting,cashe hunting all the way up to Treasure hunting on both land and sea. I will list the mine lab machines suited for this type of metal detecting. Minelab machines are manufactured in Australia and are considered among the best. They can sometimes be a bit pricey. Minelab Gpz7000,Minelabcfx5000, and Minelab II 1000 Underwater Detector. The next and final group can be used for land ,surf,and underwater exploration. Under water Sand shark got to around 140 feet, Tesoro TigerShark good to 200feet,Garret infinlum MD good to 200 feet, Fisher cz21-8 good to 250 feet,and last but not least Garrett Sea Hunter underwater metal detector with two search coils good to 200 feet. So now you have a start on what to look for. Do be advised that many of the sellers have package deals where  a lot of useful stuff is included with the detector. For those that will be doing beach detecting be sure to check out beach scoops they are great and keep you from crawling around on your knees which is a must for an old fart like myself.

To rap up this session:

For those who want to really do some research Amazon has a very good selection of books on all phases of metal detecting, both in kindle form and bound.
What ever the stage you are in from beginner to expert or spert.  Please keep in mine to treat Mother Earth with respect. fill in your holes pick up that trash. Remember this planet is all we have got.









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