Metal Detectors for Kids

When searching for a suitable metal detector for kids, you will or already have found that it can be one confusing task. With all the ads and the sales pitches it is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. I will strive to lessen that confusion and hopefully give you something to go on.
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Things to consider before you start looking:


The age of the child in question. A kid 4 to 9 years old is not interested in Sensitivity or the technical side of discrimination. He or she just wants the thing to pull hidden treasures out of the ground. So look for a simple low cost detector that fits the bill. A little later I will suggest one or two.
The weight of the detector is very important. A detector that is way to heavy will cause the dreaded Boredom to set it real quick as you can imagine.

Again keep it simple and easy. Most detectors for this age are really an advanced toy. That is not say that they don’t work they are designed to give a youngster a good taste of the fun of detecting.

The age of your child factor:

Depending on their age boredom is always lurking in the back ground as any parent knows. So keep the interest up again simplicity, I know I keep say that. Now this suggestion is to pull a little deception out of the bag of tricks. Right before the kid starts out on his first treasure hunt you might want to try this. Have one or the other parent go to the park or playground that is the target for the day and plant a hand full of coins and maybe an interesting toy or even some fake jewelry. The results as you can imagine will be amazing. bordom gone Interest souring.

Metal Detectors for kids over the age of 9:

Now for the kids that have advanced the is ripe old age and beyond. Your search should be for the more dedicated machines geared more toward the hobbies t. These will be designed for the beginner as well as the more serious. The ones I am referring to are not the most expensive. Again I will say it is not necessary to strip your bank account that would take the fun out of it and that is what we are really after is fun.

Here is a quick run down of some Detectors that fit the above:

I will say that of all the manufactures out there that Bounty Hunter has some of the best detectors that fit what we have been talking about.

!st up Is the Bounty Hunter Junior This is a low priced detector that fits the 4 to 9 age group. It is designed to detect coin sized objects at about 5 inches and larger objects at a much greater dept. It comes with a 6 an 1/2 inch water resistant coil. The discrimination controls eliminate iron and most junk.
2nd up is the Bounty Hunter TrackerIV Metal detector. This a bit higher priced but has more futures for the same age group. Such as motion all metal mode, discrimination mode, 2 tone auto modes. Also, preset ground balance neutralizes response to mineral content of the ground.
3rd up is The Bounty Hunter Quicksilver metal detector another good choice for the 4 to 9 age group. The Squelch tech fully automatic ground balance eliminates false signals. Push button discrimination, one touch depth control, and comes with an interchangeable waterproof coil, and easy view LCD display. This is also a modernly priced detector.

Last but not least is a mid-range priced Detector from Tesoro. The Tesoro Compadre metal detector with an 8-inch waterproof coil and a lifetime warranty. This machine is for the older kids, teen agers and even adults. It is designed for coin, competition hunting and relic hunting.

To sum things up:

I hope I have given some clarity to making an easier choice and narrowed the field a bit. Of course the hole idea behind this metal detecting thing is to have fun. You may or may not get rich but who cares just get out and go for it. I have been at it for over 30 years and I am far from being tired of it. It is really quite habit-forming, but a good one to have. One other thing I might add is that with any metal detector it is always a must to use hear phones. They will help pinpoint that soft signal and keep away distracting noise and it helps to deter inquisitive people.


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