Metal Detectors Reviews

I would guess by the title Metal Detector Reviews one would maybe expect a sales pitch of some kind. Well it’s not going to happen. I want to discuss a little about the different types of metal detectors and there uses and why do so many people use them.

Why do people get into the hobby of metal detecting.

When a detector is set up and the search starts no matter what the detective is looking for It is always a bit of a thrill when a signal sounds off as you never really know what it is. It may be a coin, a button, a gold nugget an ancient relic or a bottle cap. It is liable to be most anything. Some of my finds have been an all most new baseball glove, a 1909 Barber dime a Swiss Army knife and jewelry. That is the fun of it you just never know until you dig it up. More on the proper way to dig later. Metal detecting can be one of the most habit-forming activities you can start. So now you have been warned.



Friends and associates

A person getting into this kind of activity will soon find that he is not alone. I personally developed long-lasting friendships because of this hobby. You will find people from all walks of life happily swinging away hour after hour In search of that next mysterious lost object. The first thing you know you may find yourself in a metal detecting club; this I can tell you is where the action really begins. It comes down to the fact that all treasures are not just found under ground.

About metal detectors themselves:

Metal detectors use electromagnetic fields to detect and signal the presence of metal objects. Detectors come in all sorts of different strengths from those designed as starters for kids and the stronger ones for the casual hobbiest to the more serious cash and treasure hunters. Now days they have metal detectors for all sorts of under water work; like those you may have seen on the recent Gordon’s Treasure show on TV. There are a number of long range detectors on the market made for the serious gold miner, cache hunter, and treasure hunter. Some of these are almost unbelieveable of what the can do.

To day there are several leading manufactures of detectors  some more popular ones I will list here: Garrett, Whites, Bounty hunter Torso, Baraka, Mine lab and many others. Later on in this website we will have more information on theses and others.

More advanced equipment.

If, a person really wants to go hole hog he can find some real great equipment out there that comes under the detector heading. These that I speak of are for the real serious miners and treasure hunters. There are very advance ground penetrating radar, that can see a hundred feet or more into the earth. Ground resistivity machines that are used to find voids or tunnels. Magnetometers, gravitometers and even now especially equip Drones. There are others out there that I don’t have knowledge of.


A few tips and suggestions:

In to days world there are ever increasing laws and regulations that seem to change with the wind. Every state and even cites have laws and regulation now regarding metal detecting. Before you run out the door with your brand new detector crank up the old computer and find out about local permits and regulations a lot of places offer the permits either free on very low cost. On private property get written permission. A little tip here to keep everybody concerned happy. Use only the small digging tools that are offered at your dealers. There is nothing that will cause a war faster than a detective walking on to a school grounds or a city park with a pick and shovel over his shoulder. Don, t laugh it happens every day. Learn how to cut a plug with a hinge when going after a coin this allows the grass and soil to fit better in the hole and won’t allow a lawn mower to pull it out. In other words be nice and sneaky don’t leave tracks if you can look back and can’t see where you have been than you are doing it right.

A suggestion here before you buy a detector do your home work. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a machine especially when just starting out. There are all sorts of prices out there. It is better to start small and grow larger as you gain experience. IT takes patience everybody thinks that they can spend two grand on a detector and go out and fill a bucket with coins or gold sorry it does not work that way. Like everything else it takes a bit of work and some skill. It will come as knowledge grows.
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