A few Metal Detectors Connected to Website Topics:

I will give a brief review of some of the many metal detectors that are associated with the topics of Metal Detectors for Kids and detectors for beginners. By no means are these the only ones. I will give a brief review and then a link to where you can get the complete review. These reviews below will contain current prices as listed.

First on the list:

The Bounty Hunter gold Digger Metal Detector. The Gold Digger can be used anywhere to search for all kinds of metal gold coins to iron relics. It features all metal mode and trash elimination control. It will identify coin size objects up to 6 inches deep and larger items up to 2 feet. Headphones are included. This is an inexpensive starter detector for any kid. This should be a very simple machine to operate. Price $47.97 for more information click here.

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal detector: This is a Rugged meta detector suited for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions. It features All metal modes, discrimination modes, 2 tone audio modes, preset ground balance and distinguishes between targets and unwanted metals. This is another good starter detector for both kids and older beginners. Prices currently $103.83 for more info click here.

The Next in line is suited for older kids or beginners:

Garret ACE 300 Metal Detectors with waterproof search coils. This is a package deal It comes with 7″x10″ Pro performance submersible search coil, coil cover, and Garrett carrying bag. It features among other things a new digital target id from 0 to 99 scale. This would be an all around machine for both older kids and beginners. Current Price : $254.95 for additional info click here.

Last for now:

Garrett AT pro Submersible Metal detector package with the Garrett Pro Pointer AT. This package includes the detector, pro waterproof pin pointer, Garrett 8.5″ x11″coil, coil cover, headphones, and digging tool. Current price $770.60 This will best be suited for the older kids and beginners The inclusive of the pin pointer is an asset itself. For more info click here.

To sum things up:

I hope this will help those that are undecided on what to look for. These a fore mentioned are buy no means the only ones out here these are all on amazon and they handle a large list of detectors.  I only picked what I though would help. Check out the complete Amazon reviews and remember stick with the major brands.







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